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USPS Locations Near Me

USPS (United States Postal Service), which is also known as Post Office, nearest post office Postal Service of US or U.S. Mail, is one of the largest independent agency of Unites States which is running under the federal government of Tracking USPS packages in real-time with information. USPS Box Locations oversees the mail system of USA. United States Constitution explicitly authorizes some government agencies. United States Postal Service shipping locations is one of them. is its official website or Post office location, US Postal Services near me service through Google Maps.

usps locations

usps locations

The American postal system stated as U.S. Mail. U.S. Mail has its roots since 1775. US Postal Service Locations department was created in 1792. U.S. Mail is transformed into USPS post office in 1971 by the U.S. government. USPS locations Mailbox had 617,254 actively working employees’ and 211,264 vehicles operating in 2014. USPS is obligated to serve all the Americans legally, around the world with uniform price and quality. United States Postal Services Drop off locations has access to letter boxes which are marked as “U.S. Mail” and it has access to personal letter boxes in United States. (US Postal Service Passport Location).

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USPS revenue in 2016 was nearly $70 billion. In 2014, due to recession, US Postal Services near me hours location had to face nearly.

US Postal Service Office Locations

Post office Locations is a wide spread government organisation which is recognised by the constitution of United States. This page gives you the in-depth information of the locations which are served by USPS Box Locations.

This article helps you to find the nearest USPS location hours. A comprehensive list of all United States Postal Service locations is provided. United States Postal Service post office location is accountable for presenting the postal services and delivering various post office to all the US citizens.

Below is the complete list of USPS post mail tracking Locations in United States. You can track and check various updates related to your shipment delivery and able to know the status of the package.

Complete List of USPS Mail Box Locations

The USPS Stores are present in different locations of US depending on the state. Below are the list of USPS Mailbox locations near me. This is the list of post offices record in United States of America.

There are two main services that can be tracked in India, Express mail and Priority mail (International) parcels. If the item is sent using Express mail service of USPS post office locations, and once it reaches India, it can be tracked using the EMS speed post service of India Post. Visit this US Postal Service passport locations and surely you have to select ‘EMS articles booked abroad to be delivered in India’ radio button) enter your tracking number to get the USPS Shipping Locations.

If the item is sent through priority post mail service and once it reaches India, it can be tracked using the IPS Web tracking. Just visit this locations near me page (and go to IPS Web Tracking on the right) and enter your USPS post office tracking location.








District Of Columbia

















New Hampshire

New Jersey

North Carolina

North Dakota





New Mexico



Rhode Island

New York

South Dakota






South Carolina




West Virginia




USPS Office Locations

The US Post Office Locations are located in some of the major cities across US country. Below is the list of in key metropolitan cities of US. By using any of these post office tracking methods, in addition to the information that you can find by USPS International tracking the shipment locations by using the USPS mail tracking and confirm service. In India the US Postal Service offices currently present at locations like Delhi Foreign Post Office, Mumbai Foreign post Office . If needed, you also call the respective post offices to get a clear idea on post office locations near me where your item is and how long it may take to receive it.

Note: If you are here to know why your post office location is delayed, you can read the comments below. Often, most people face similar problems. My replies to them should be good in your case too. If you want to know post office location near me you can post your comment too and I’ll see what I can do for you in the locations near me.

In case your parcel tracking number starts with ‘L’, you should be contacting respective customs office since it cannot be traced online by you and me.










Above are the list of various the United States Postal Service locations in US. You can check the usps locations list which is listed above and post your package to the proper address of United States of America.

USPS Post Office Locations | US Postal Service Passport Locations

USPS has excellent tracking system using which you can track your shipments and be peaceful without worrying about the misplacement of the package.So you need to check out the postal service Locations

ex: isc new york ny usps location

You can register for the USPS post office account for free. Then you can automatically see all your postal service Locations status on the dashboard of your account without entering the post office location address. From your account, you can schedule the delivery alerts on post office locations near me services, you can request re-delivery and can do many more using your account.

For enjoying these benefits, you have to create your US Postal Service account by visiting and verify your identity which helps to make sure that you have secure access to your dashboard. Then you can usps tracking updates, you can setup notifications and can do many more. You can also manage your post office locations from your personal mobile or tablet also.

You can take control of your deliveries. If you are not at home, schedule a re-delivery of your post mail shipment online. Though is you are not at home, you can provide your authorization to deliver usps mailboxes location at your home also without any issues

You can have look at drop off locations , if you are going out of the town. You can use your USPS account and . USPS will keep the drop off locations for you at your local Post Office locations. Once you are back, you can receive the package again. Hence you can see the list of the Postal Office Locations in US above.