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USPS tracking is a popular postal service in the United States. USPS has been using ZIP codes since 1963 to efficiently provide the postal services. ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. It was introduced to deliver the mails efficiently. Senders can provide the USPS zip codes.

usps zipcodes
usps zipcodes

The Format of USPS tracking number compatible with USPS zip code map contains five numbers along with 4 digits extension. The last four digits of USPS ZIP code Lookup indicates the more specific location within the USPS ZIP Code area. There are services available in USPS to know your Code such as to Find a ZIP Code Look Up and USPS tracking. Check for the correct Zip code when you are sending international Package and track USPS International Packages or shipments.

Types of USPS ZIP Codes:

ZIP Codes are also called as postal codes used by the United States Postal Service since 1963. The term ZIP, an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently, and therefore more quickly (zipping along), when senders use the code in usps tracking.
A ZIP Code result does not confirm that a person or company is at that address, it depends on where they live.
If you searched for a company and did not get the results you expected, search again either without the company name or with a different version of the company name
There are four types of USPS ZIP Codes. They are as follows:

  • Unique ZIP Codes: Addresses that get huge number of mails like Universities, agencies, businesses etc. do have unique ZIP codes.
  • O. Box Only ZIP Codes: There are assigned to the P.O. Boxes at particular facility.
  • Military ZIP Codes: These are used by United Stated Military to route the mails
  • Standard ZIP Codes: All comes under Standard ZIP Codes.

Mail Sorting – Sorting of USPS mails:

The first 3 digits of USPS ZIP Code lookup signifies the central mail processing facility in US. The first digit alone indicates a group of U.S. States. The central mail processing facility is also known as “sec center” or sectional center facility. It sorts and processes the mails. Mostly these facilities work and sorts mails overnight. It is not accessible to public. All the mails which contains same 3 digits in the starting will be delivered to a sec facility. Based on the last two digits sec facility sorts and distributes the mails to local post offices. USPS tracking is assigned to a block in city or to a group of apartments or an individual business person who is a high-volume receiver. Each P.O. Box number corresponds to a unique code. Some ZIP codes do have several P.O. Box numbers under it which can be identified using last digits of P.O. Box number. For Fast Domestic Delivery always use Priority mail and Track USPS priority mail and get live Status of packages.

USPS Zip Code Look Up:

ZIP Codes are used for easy delivery of shipments. Newyork zip code generally assigned within an area of state. ZIP Codes that are generally assigned to specific county, time zone, metro area, area code etc., introduces complexity.Committeeman Curtis Corson Jr. said the dispatcher in Belleplain initially sent an ambulance to Dennis Township because there is an address there identical to one in Seaville where Henry lives. Emergency calls in Upper Township are usually handled by dispatchers in Ocean City.

USPS tracking uses the main post office name as city instead of actual city name.

Finding USPS Zip Code Location:

To find the ZIP Code of a particular location in U.S. do the following:

  • Visit this link –
  • Enter the Company name, Street Address, Apt/ Suite/ Other which are optional, City and State which are mandatory to provide.
  • Click on Find button. It will give you the ZIP Code of particular location.

United States Zip Codes – used by USPS:

You can able to know Zip code by Location or location by Zip code from here

  • Alaska ZIP Code: 99501 – 99950
  • Arkansas ZIP Code: 71601-72959
  • Alabama ZIP Code: 35004 – 36925
  • Arizona ZIP Code: 85001-86556
  • Austin Zip Code: 78745-78769
  • Brooklyn Zip Code: 11201-11425
  • Boston Zip Code: 02169-02269
  • California ZIP Code: 90001-96162
  • Chicago Zip Code: 60629-60691
  • Charlotte Zip Code: 28269-28299
  • Cincinnati ZIP Code: 45211-45280
  • Colorado ZIP Code: 80001-81658
  • District of Columbia ZIP Code: 20001-56999
  • Connecticut ZIP Code: 06001-06928
  • Delaware ZIP Code: 19701-19980
  • Florida ZIP Code: 32003 -34997
  • Denver ZIP Code: 80219-80250
  • Federated States of Micronesia ZIP Code: 96941-96944
  • Guam ZIP Code: 96910-96931
  • Georgia ZIP Code: 30002-39901
  • Hawaii ZIP Code: 96701-96898
  • Iowa ZIP Code: 50001-52809
  • Idaho ZIP Code: 83201-83877
  • Houston Zip Code: 77036-77296
  • Illinois ZIP Code: 60001-62999
  • Kansas ZIP Code: 66002-67954
  • Indiana ZIP Code: 46001-47997
  • Kentucky ZIP Code: 40003-42788
  • Long beach Zip Code: 90755-90806
  • Las vegas Zip Code: 11201-11425
  • London Zip Code: 40741 -40745
  • Massachusetts ZIP Code: 01001-05544
  • Louisiana ZIP Code: 70001-71497
  • Manhattan Zip Code: 10463-10282
  • Maine ZIP Code: 03901-04992
  • Maryland ZIP Code: 20588-21930
  • Marshall Islands ZIP Code: 96960
  • Miami Zip Code: 33125-33299
  • Milwaukee Zip Code: 53215-53244
  • Michigan ZIP Code: 48001-49971
  • Minnesota ZIP Code: 55001-56763
  • Missouri ZIP Code: 63001-65899
  • Northern Mariana Islands ZIP Code: 96950-96951
  • Nashville ZIP Codes: 37201-37244
  • Mississippi ZIP Code: 38601-39776
  • Montana ZIP Code: 59001-59937
  • North Dakota ZIP Code: 58001-58856
  • North Carolina ZIP Code: 27006-28909
  • Nebraska ZIP Code: 68001-69367
  • New Hampshire ZIP Code: 03031-03897
  • New Mexico ZIP Code: 87001-88439
  • New Jersey ZIP Code: 07001-08989
  • Nevada ZIP Code: 88901-89883
  • New York ZIP Code: 00501-14925
  • Oklahoma ZIP Code: 73001-73079
  • Ohio ZIP Code: 43001-45999
  • Oregon ZIP Code: 97001-97920
  • Orlando Zip Code: 02169-02269
  • Pittsburgh Zip Code: 15213-15274
  • Pennsylvania ZIP Code: 15001-19640
  • Puerto Rico ZIP Code: 00601-00988
  • Phoenix Zip Code: 85032-85082
  • Palau ZIP Code: 96939
  • Rhode Island ZIP Code: 02801-02940
  • South Carolina ZIP Code: 29001-29945
  • Salt Lake City ZIP Code: 84116-84171
  • South Dakota ZIP Code: 57001-57799
  • Tennessee ZIP Code: 37010-38589
  • Tampa Zip Code: 33647-33694
  • Texas ZIP Code: 73301-88595
  • Virginia ZIP Code: 20101-24658
  • Utah ZIP Code: 84001-84791
  • Virgin Islands ZIP Code: 00801-00850
  • Washington ZIP Code: 98001-99403
  • Vermont ZIP Code: 05001-05907
  • Wisconsin ZIP Code: 53001-54990
  • Wyoming ZIP Code: 82001-83414
  • West Virginia ZIP Code: 24701-26886

Members in the Upper Township Committee said that they would ask the USPS tracking to consider again last week consolidating USPS ZIP code here in the wake of a misdirected 911 call that delayed response to a stroke victim almost an hour. They are also asking residents to tell dispatchers they live in Upper Township USPS tracking lookup when calling in an emergency. Tom Henry, of Seaville, said at the May 8 committee meeting that he waited 50 minutes for an ambulance to arrive after his wife called 911. USPS ZIP code finder said he suffered a stroke earlier this year but thankfully made a full recovery. Henry said his wife used a cellphone to make the emergency call, which helped lead to the confusion. The cell tower that picked up the call relayed Zip code lookup usps to a dispatch center.