USPS Holidays 2024

USPS Holidays 2024 & Post Office Working Hours

Mostly Americans use U.S Postal Service on a daily basis. USPS 2024 Holidays is allocated to almost every single household there. USPS tracking can reschedule your Packages for Requesting Online. The postal workers work hard for the customers. Also, the mail carriers try to deliver the mail items before the final delivery time. They deliver packages even during the US Postal Service Holiday hours 2024, bad time because of rough weather. Federal USPS Holidays works seven days a week even on Sundays. Know more about USPS Sunday delivery. On Sundays, the letter carriers deliver the Priority Mail Express items and Amazon packages. You can choose USPS Priority Mail Tracking for Fast Domestic Mail Services.

USPS Holidays
USPS Holidays

USPS holiday hours

But, the United State post offices are not open seven days a week. USPS Post offices are closed on weekends like Saturdays, Sundays and some other federal holidays. If you have a small business which relies on the USPS tracking get the products delivered, and knowing about the USPS holidays can be essential. It’s important for these type of people to know when the post offices in the US are closed and when they are open. Also, find out the USPS Delivery Hours. Most of the customers don’t know when the federal holidays. If you are the one, then don’t worry! Because we are going to find out when the Post Offices of USPS Holidays are closed on Sundays in the year 2024. You can contact USPS Customer Service to know more About USPS tracking

USPS Holidays

As you may know that the post offices are closed on Sundays, but non-essential government offices and the USPS tracking will also be closed on the following federal holidays in 2024which means USPS extended holiday hours won’t deliver any standard mail on the following days:

January 1 New Year’s Day (Monday)
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. birthday (Monday)
February 19 Washington’s Birthday (Monday)
May 28 Memorial Day (Monday)
July 4 Independence Day (Wednesday)
September 3 Labor Day9 (Monday)
October 8 Columbus Day (Monday)
November 12 Veterans Day (Monday)
November 22 Thanksgiving Day (Thursday)
December 25 Christmas Day(Tuesday)

Note : The mail will not be delivered on these federal holidays.

USPS Federal Holidays

Unlike Other Companies USPS Provides some Special Services, that’s why USPS honored one of the Top Courier Company in the USA. You can see the USPS Federal Holidays of United State Postal Services there are ten federal holidays in this year which means all the post office branches and all non-essential government offices will be closed on these holiday hours for USPS. The holiday hours won’t be able to deliver any mail item on these Sundays or Saturdays.

Do you know why these days are considered as USPS federal holidays or US Postal Service holidays? If No, then let’s find out the reason behind it that why all the post offices are closed on weekends, and even people are celebrating these days. We’ll talk about every single holiday one-by-one.